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Guidelines for Contributors

Welcome to 21 Mag’s Pitch Guide! Thanks for your interest in writing for us! We know pitching for publications can be quite a task, so we hope to make the pitching process as clear and straightforward as possible. We’re thrilled to have you join us in creating a safe space for African women to raise their voices and share their stories.

Before you pitch, take a few minutes to carefully read the following guidelines. Anything that contradicts them will likely not get a response.

 We’re going to cover the following:

  • What Makes a Story a Good Fit for 21 Mag?
  • General Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Each Category
  • Pitching Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to Pitch 21 Mag
  • Payment Rates
  • Follow Up

Happy pitching!

What Makes a Story a Good Fit for 21 Mag?

At 21 Mag, we’re all about providing inspiration, guidance, and empowerment through content and community. We’re here to centre the narrative on African women, so we’re looking for pitches that:

  • Are engaging and relatable to young adults, catering to the needs of African women.
  • Offer transparency and empowerment in storytelling.
  • Cover a range of topics from pop culture and sex to beauty, career, and more.
  • Encourage wellness, feminism, and discussions on sexual health.
  • Embrace creative freedom while fitting into one of our categories.

General Guidelines

  • We believe in creative freedom, but please make sure your article (after pitch approval) is at least 1000 words long.
  • Read our publication as extensively as you can before pitching. 
  • If you have relevant images (less than 2MB), send them when submitting the article after pitch approval.
  • Your piece must be submitted by the last week of every month, except for trend pieces that may require a faster response.

Guidelines for Each Category

Sex and Relationships

Our Sex and Relationships category is a safe and informative space where we explore the intricacies of relationships, intimacy, and sexuality. We address topics that matter to African women, from building healthy relationships to understanding one’s own sexuality. Through candid conversations, personal narratives, and expert advice, we aim to foster open discussions on love, desire, and the complexities of human connections.

Explore topics around relationships, intimacy, and sexuality. Your pitch should either offer guidance, share experiences, or foster healthy discussions. Some examples;


In the Friendship category, we celebrate the bonds of female friendship and delve into the dynamics that shape these connections. We share stories of sisterhood, offer guidance on maintaining meaningful friendships, and explore the challenges and joys of female relationships. Whether it’s coping with conflict or cherishing moments of laughter, this category highlights the importance of female connections in our lives.

At 21, we respect Girl Code. Your pitch should delve into the dynamics of friendships, the importance of female connections, and the challenges and joys of maintaining meaningful relationships. Some examples;


Our Queer category is a platform dedicated to sharing LGBTQ+ experiences, challenges, and achievements. We prioritize inclusivity, understanding, and empowerment as we feature stories and perspectives from the LGBTQ+ community. Through personal narratives, discussions, and advocacy, we aim to create a space where everyone’s voice is heard and respected.

Your pitch can be anything from sex to beauty, entertainment or wellness. As long as it discusses LGBTQ+ experiences, challenges, and achievements, feel free to pitch. Our hope is that this category fosters inclusivity and understanding. Some examples;

Culture, Community and Entertainment

The Culture and Entertainment category is your gateway to the vibrant world of African culture, arts, and entertainment. We celebrate the contributions of African women to these realms and provide insights into the latest trends and happenings. From film and music, literature and art, to astrology and community, we explore the cultural landscape through the lens of African women, shedding light on their creativity and influence.

Your pitch should dive into the world of culture, arts, and entertainment, focusing on African women’s perspectives. Some examples; 

Beauty and Fashion

Our Beauty and Fashion category is all about embracing and celebrating individual style and self-expression. We share beauty tips, fashion trends, and stories that empower women to feel confident in their appearance. From makeup and skincare to the latest fashion trends, we offer guidance and inspiration to help women define and express their unique sense of beauty and style.

Your pitch should share beauty and fashion trends, tips, and stories that empower and inspire women to embrace their unique styles. Some examples;

Women’s Wellness

The Women’s Wellness category prioritizes the holistic well-being of African women. We cover topics related to mental and physical health, feminism, sexual health, and personal growth. Through informative articles, personal stories, and expert advice, we aim to empower women to prioritize their well-being, embrace self-care, and navigate life’s challenges with strength and resilience.

Your pitch should cover topics related to mental and physical well-being, feminism, sexual health, and personal growth. Some examples;

Career and Money 

In the Career and Money category, we delve into the world of professional growth and financial empowerment for African women. We provide valuable insights, expert advice, and personal stories that help our readers navigate the challenges and opportunities in their careers. Whether it’s tips for advancing in the workplace, guidance on financial literacy, or stories of successful women breaking barriers, this category is a resource hub for those striving for career excellence and financial independence.

Your pitch should share insights, advice, and stories related to career growth, financial literacy, and empowerment in the workplace. Some examples;


This is less of a category and more of a guide on how to pitch trends to us. We keep our readers up-to-date with the latest happenings, notable dates, social media trends and awareness months that matter to African women. From significant cultural events to important awareness campaigns, we provide insights and information on what’s trending in the world around us. This category is your go-to source for staying informed about key dates in a month, such as Nigeria’s Independence Day on October 1st or Halloween on the 31st. We’re here to help you celebrate, commemorate, and stay connected with the ever-evolving world and the issues that impact your life.


  • Career and Business Pitches
  • Financial Pitches
  • Fashion and Beauty Pitches

Your pitch should centre around the themes above or anything else trending at the time you read this. Some examples;

Though following these guidelines is the best way to get a positive response, if you have something that would interest us but doesn’t particularly fall into any of these categories, feel free to pitch it anyway! 

Pitching Do’s and Don’ts


  • Send in your past work so we get an idea of how you write.
  • Research our publication and understand our mission, vision and voice.
  • Craft a clear and compelling pitch.
  • Tailor your pitch to one of our categories.
  • Include any relevant images (not exceeding 2 MB) if you have them.


  • Submit pitches that don’t align with our categories, style or voice. E.g. News-y style writing.
  • Send in pitches without reading articles published on the publication.
  • Miss the deadline after pitch approval. Your piece is likely to not get published. This means you’re likely not to get paid (there are, of course, exceptions). 
  • Overlook our focus on empowerment and transparency for African women.
  • Send in pitches that have been published elsewhere.
  • Send in pitches that were pre-written with another publication in mind. 

How to Pitch 21 Mag

We’re excited to hear your ideas and collaborate with passionate writers like you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pitch your article to us:

  1. Pitch Submission Window: The first week of every new month is your opportunity to submit your article pitches. Use our pitch form during this period to share your unique ideas with us.
  2. Craft Your Pitch: Take the time to craft a compelling pitch that highlights the essence of your article. Clearly outline your topic, angle, and why it’s relevant to our readers.
  3. Submit Payment Information: Alongside your pitch, provide the necessary payment information. This ensures a seamless process for compensation upon approval.
  4. Deadline for Article Submission: Complete your article and submit it by the last week of the month. This timeframe allows us to review, edit, and prepare your piece for publication.
  5. Monthly Payment Cycle: Our monthly payment cycle ensures that approved articles from the previous month are processed for payment during the first week of the new month.
  6. Thorough Review Process: Expect a thorough review of your submitted article. We provide constructive feedback and insights to help enhance your work.
  7. Payment Receipts: Upon approval, we generate payment receipts and send them alongside your compensation. This ensures transparency and acknowledges your efforts.

We value creativity, diverse perspectives, and engaging content. We look forward to receiving your pitches and working together to create impactful stories for our readers.

Ready to pitch? Click here to access our pitch form and start sharing your ideas with us

Payment Rates

We believe in fair compensation for our contributors:

For articles 1000-3000 words long, we pay 5,000 NGN.

Follow Up

– Expect a response within two weeks of sending your pitch.

– Avoid sending follow-up emails before the two-week mark, as it may cause you to not get a response at all.

Thank you for considering contributing to 21 Mag! We look forward to reading your pitches and sharing your stories with our community of readers. Together, we can make a difference in how African women are portrayed in the media.

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