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Celebrating the idea of embarking on a new journey with a fashionable and forward-thinking perspective. Showcasing fashion trends, styles, and inspirations that embody a sense of renewal and freshness.


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Chioma Ikokwu on Her Stylish Success

CREDITS Editor-in-Chief: Fifunmi Osinubi Words by: Princess Briggs Pant-suit: Gucci Jewellery: Gucci, Cartier, Rolex Photography: Photo Freak Makeup: Tolu Felix ...

Letter From the Editors

In the centre of fashion and culture, there exists an ever-evolving narrative that celebrates not just trends but the stories and individuals that shape them. For this issue, we found ourselves immersed in a captivating exploration of “New Beginnings in Style,” a theme that resonates deeply with the transformative power of fashion.

In a world where every stitch tells a story, we are delighted to present Chioma Ikokwu as our cover star—a fashion enthusiast whose recent full-launch into the industry with Chioma’s Closet marks a significant milestone in her journey as a fashion icon. With an unwavering commitment to supporting local designers and championing diversity and inclusivity, Ikokwu embodies the spirit of renewal and innovation that defines our editorial vision for this issue.

“New Beginnings in Style” allows us to embrace change and reimagine our identities with a sense of freshness and forward-thinking perspective. Through captivating features and insightful interviews, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery that celebrates emerging Nigerian fashion designers, highlights the creative process behind their collections, and shines a spotlight on the dynamic world of Nigerian models. 

Our segment, “A Day in the Life of a Nigerian Designer,” offers an intimate glimpse into Florentina Agu of Hertunba’s creative genius as she orchestrates the shoot for her Rebirth Collection. Our feature piece on Nigerian models also delves into the intricacies of working within and alongside Nigerian designers, illuminating the symbiotic relationship that defines the fashion landscape.

In the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment, this issue offers a platform for women of all generations to revel in the beauty of self-discovery and expression. From candid conversations with industry insiders to exclusive insights into the evolving landscape of fashion, our digital issue promises to ignite your imagination and inspire your sense of style.

So, whether you’re a seasoned fashion enthusiast or a curious explorer of trends, we extend our warmest welcome to embark on this journey with us. As we celebrate “New Beginnings in Style,” may you find inspiration, empowerment, and a renewed sense of possibility on every page.


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For this issue, we dedicated a day to shadowing Florentina Agu, the founder of Hertunba, a Nigerian-based sustainable women’s wear brand, and her team. They were on set for the recently launched collection, “Ilouwa,” which translates to “being reborn,” ideally in sync with our theme of “New Beginnings in Style.”

Ilouwa is the Igbo belief in reincarnation; it is a belief that when one dies, one can sometimes come back to life to finish or complete unfinished ambitions. This collection draws inspiration from that belief, giving items, people, and ideas a second or even third chance at becoming something even more beautiful. It features upcycled akwette and asoke wrappers. This collection is a celebration of creativity, sustainability, and the art of transformation.

In a world where fast fashion dominates, this collection encourages us to slow down, appreciate craftsmanship, and recognize the potential for beauty in the discarded.

Embarking on a fashionable journey for this issue, we stepped into the fabulous closet of our cover star, Chioma Ikokwu, firing off 21 style-centric questions that spill the tea on her impeccable taste!

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